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Pivoting: A Message from Our CEO

Resident Life
October 16, 2023

What do you think of when you hear the word pivot? I think of pivoting in basketball where you keep one foot in place and move the rest of your body in order to avoid the defensive player and find a new way forward.

The senior care industry faced (and still faces) a lot of threats including increased government oversight, labor shortages, skyrocketing costs and all things COVID. Those threats impeded our progress and Pine Haven needed to pivot in order to find a new way forward.

Over a year ago, God guided and led, moving our Board of Directors to set a new course. Not giving up what we do well, but rather to pivot and move forward in a way where our strengths of strong relationships, abounding love and quality care can be lived out.

We worked diligently to follow that new course and today we have a successful assisted living program, which we call Trinity Home, that serves seniors who traditionally would have moved into a nursing home.

We are thankful for God’s guidance and blessing through that process. Moving forward, we will continue to seek His guidance as we continue the tradition of Christ-centered care while pivoting to meet changing market needs.

-Ron Walvoort, CEO


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