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What makes us different?

We are a local care facility not affiliated with large corporations or businesses. Instead, we are governed by a board of directors representing 18 local churches. We are answerable to these churches and, more importantly, God for everything we do. Our focus is the care of our residents, families, and staff. Each staff member and volunteer is driven by a commitment to provide the best care possible. We are here because we want to serve. We are dedicated to providing you with the care you need.

Pine Haven Christian Communities was voted Best Assisted Living Facility by Best of Sheboygan County for 11 straight years. 

We are proud to serve Sheboygan County and be the premier senior living choice. 

Best of Sheboygan County 2023 Winner designation

Our Mission:

Pine Haven Christian Communities will provide the aging population we serve an environment that is a Christ-centered, safe haven offering quality, compassionate care.

Our Vision:

We are called by God to be of service to others, and in our efforts, we will constantly seek God’s guidance. We will provide services with Christ-centered love, compassion, and excellence, and through our efforts, our residents, their families, our staff, and volunteers will feel love, comfort, and peace of mind. We will provide a range of flexible, innovative services and living options through our continuum of care that is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within our facilities, churches, and community. We will manage our resources carefully, allowing us to fulfill our commitment to Christian benevolence, and we will always remember that we serve in Christ’s name.

Our Core Values

Christian Values: Be good disciples of the Christian principles of love, caring, justice and service to others as found in God’s word so that the business we conduct each day may be pleasing in His sight.

Compassion: Show compassion, as taught by Jesus Christ, in the way that we serve our residents, their families, churches, and our coworkers with kindness and mercy.

Love: Love one another by trusting, forgiving, and being patient and kind as we serve the needs of others.

Respect for the Individual: Show respect for each other by recognizing that we are all created in God’s image and by maintaining relationships based on honesty and the protection of individual privacy.

Dedication: Commit, with a willing heart, to serve our residents and their families by contributing to the full extent of our gifts and abilities as God has provided.

Quality Care: Provide the highest quality care, by trained professionals, to those entrusted to us in such a manner that they not only know that we care for them but that we care about them.

Learn about the partners that help support Pine Haven

We are fortunate to partner with local organizations to enhance our services and experience at Pine Haven. These partnerships allow us to remain connected to the community and share our talents with others.

Pine Haven History

Visionary members of the Christian community had a dream in the late 1940s. That dream was to establish a home where the aging could live assured that care would be provided with Christ-like compassion and love. The founding roots of Pine Haven were the result of First Reformed Church’s Reverend Raymond J. Lubbers and his lifelong friend, Sheboygan Falls meat market and packing house owner, Jacob Clicquennoi. Clicquennoi made a memorial bequest of $50,000 to First Reformed Church, and with this seed money, the church could consider a building project.


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