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Care Service Spotlight: What is rehabilitation for seniors?

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June 21, 2022

If your loved one experiences a life-altering event, such as an illness or surgery, they may spend some time in rehabilitation (commonly referred to as rehab) following a hospitalization. Rehab encompasses a variety of services that focus on getting your loved one back to the strength and abilities they had before the event.

Why Rehab?

If your loved one goes through a medical event- an illness, stroke, or injury- their strengths and abilities are likely impacted. It may take time to adjust to their new abilities and find the best way to work with the changes.

Rehab generally occurs as "inpatient rehabilitation" (or inpatient rehab), such as at Pine Haven's Rehab community or within a skilled nursing facility. Being in the community rather than at home allows your loved one to recover in a safe place with the necessary support nearby.

What's involved?

Rehab aims to address all areas of an individual's life in order to prepare them to return home safely.

Nursing Care: 

If your loved one requires assistance with medications, IVs, or wound management, they can receive this support through skilled nursing services at the rehab. If your loved one is experiencing a high level of pain, nurses at rehab can oversee pain management. Pain management can be treated effectively with therapy modalities. Read our previous blog, "Pain Management," to learn more about treatment modalities to pain management, including therapy.

Physical Therapy (PT):

A large part of rehab is working with a physical therapist. The physical therapist will focus on assessing and providing exercises to ensure that the individual is strong enough to return home. They will work one-on-one with your loved one to do strengthening exercises and determine a care plan for exercises that can be done when the patient returns home. They may help the individual use assistive devices, such as walkers, when needed.

Occupational Therapy (OT):

Your loved one may also receive an occupational therapist. The occupational therapist will assess how your loved one's recent event impacted their ability to do everyday activities – dressing, eating, bathing, and even hobbies. The occupational therapist will also provide exercises and suggestions to help your loved one do these things efficiently and safely.

Medical exam

Speech Therapy (ST):

If your loved one had an event like a stroke, it might have impacted their speech or swallowing. The speech therapist will address this through education and exercises.

Social Work:

While in rehab, your loved one will have access to a social worker. The social worker will address the emotional needs of your loved ones and provide support for them while they are in the community.

The social worker will also play an integral role when it comes time for your loved one to return home. They will work with you and your loved one to ensure that your loved one has the tools and support to return home safely. They may offer education to their patient and their family and resources for services that may be provided in the community.

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What happens after?

When your loved one has reached their fullest potential, they will be discharged, typically to home. The team will work together to ensure your loved one has the skills and support they need to return home and be safe and successful. If it is not safe for your loved one to return home, the team will provide you and your loved one with alternatives.

Rehabilitation offers various services that are determined based on your loved one's unique needs at that moment. The goal is to look at all the pieces of the patient's life to determine the best plan to return your loved one to their home, feeling their best.

At Pine Haven Christian Communities, we take this goal to heart. Along with our therapy provider, Greenfield Rehab, we strive to return our residents to their maximum level of independence. Contact us today to learn more about our senior rehabilitation care and services!


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