What does it take to make a home?

A home is more than just a place where you dwell. It's a place that belongs to you, where you feel cared for and safe. Pine Haven Christian Communities prides itself on truly being home to our residents. Our campuses provide seniors their own private room, as well as areas where they can socialize and be active - independently or with their neighbors.

While the expansion project is now complete, you can still donate toward the list of items and equipment purchased to create this beautiful home, or for new needs that arise on the campus.

As a not-for-profit organization, Pine Haven Christian Communities is committed to managing resources wisely, as good stewards in Christ's name, so that we may provide quality, compassionate care to as many seniors as possible. The donations we receive help us to meet the needs of our residents. For those unfamiliar with the expansion project, you can read more about it in this booklet.

Each of the items below lists the quantity purchased, the cost for each, and a reference code. Simply enter the reference code when you click to donate, or note the items you wish to gift toward the expansion in your donation check, and your donation funds will cover our cost for the purchase of the items specified.

Items For Resident Living Spaces

A wide assortment of furniture, furnishings and equipment were purchased to ensure all living spaces feel like a home. Below are some of the furniture and furnishing for this expansion. We also purchased sit-to-stand lifts, wardrobe units, shower curtains, bedspreads, pivot assist bars, dietary equipment, and more. You can indicate what you'd like to help fund at the time of your donation. 

Items to Create Gardens

Sixteen surrounding and five courtyard gardens were included in development of the Haven Drive campus. In addition to the trees and plants listed below, we also purchased outdoor furniture, pergolas, raised beds, and more. You can indicate what you'd like to help fund at the time of your donation. 

Items for Therapy Gym

To better serve the needs of our residents and Sheboygan County, our new state-of-the-art gym includes a full range of therapy equipment. You can indicate what you'd like to help fund at the time of your donation. 

Items for Community Areas

To build a full community that truly feels like a residential neighborhood, a place where seniors can live the next chapter of their lives, we have purchased many items for our community areas. While pictures for each have not been gathered, here are some of the items that were purchased and installed. You can indicate what you'd like to help fund at the time of your donation. 

  • Restaurant equipment: for the cafe and community center, we installed stove/ovens, refrigerators, cooking prep and serving equipment and more.
  • A/V equipment: our community center has speakers, a sound board, microphones, lighting, large screen display monitors, and projection equipment so that church services, musical entertainment, and social programs can be enjoyed by all.
  • Life enrichment equipment: materials like arts & crafts supplies, exercise equipment, entertainment videos, games, and more are continually needed to care for our residents.
  • Artwork: To reinforce our mission and brighten the walls, artwork has been hung in all public areas of the expansion.
  • Aviary: Our residents greatly enjoy the aviaries at our current campuses. New aviaries have been installed for their enjoyment.
  • Maintenance: To maintain the facility and its grounds, many caretaker items were purchased, and will continue to be needed. If you would like to make a donation toward the maintenance of the Haven Drive campus, simply designate that on your donation.