Winter Olympics at Pine Haven

2018 is the year of the Winter Olympics, and with the planning and coordination of our Life Enrichment team, our residents are getting the opportunity to participate! 

At each campus, a week has been set aside for Olympic games. Events include things like the snowball relay, a snowball fight (with wadded up paper instead of snow, and team members with plastic snow shovels sweeping the "snow" onto the other team's court), hockey, basketball, bobsledding (with residents selecting their own "bobsled team" made of Lego people frozen into sleds made of ice, racing down a length of gutter), and more.

"It's been a lot of fun for the residents and the staff," said life enrichment manager Martina Wessels. "We love seeing everyone having such a good time, and proudly showing off their medals to others, telling them what they won them for."

Giddings Avenue campus completed their events last week - you can see the video of highlights to see all the fun.