Pine Haven's Virtual Dementia Tours featured in Press article!

Pine Haven Christian Communities is partnering with the Weill Center to offer virtual dementia tours to the public during their special dementia event on March 31. People can sign up to take the tour anytime from 12:30 - 7pm on March 31, 2017. It only takes about 15 minutes to take the tour. At 4pm and 7pm, the Weill Center will be offering special showings of Glenn Campbell I'll Be Me, which is a documentary filmed about his diagnosis with dementia and the music tour that he and his family ran for a year after that diagnosis, to help build awareness for Alzheimer's disease.

To read the online version of the Sheboygan Press article about these events click here.

To read the official Weill Center blog, purchase tickets, or sign up for the tour, click here.