National Crayon Collection Month Celebration - August 3, 2-6PM

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National Crayon Collection Month was designed to make sure every child can be equipped with this vital supply as they start school. The initial concept was to visit places like local restaurants and other establishments that might have broken or used crayons that they would be willing to donate, and gather them as supplies for children in need.

We're expanding on that thought by partnering with Helping Kids - which supports the Sheboygan Falls School District by helping to ensure local kids in our area have all the supplies they need as they head back to school in the fall.

On August 3rd, we're holding a social event in the Community Center of our Haven Drive campus. Everyone is invited to come share refreshments and make donations to benefit Helping Kids. Both supplies and monetary donations will be accepted. (Checks should be made out to "Sheboygan Falls School District Helping Kids".)

Prior to this event, there will be boxes where you can drop off your donations at many participating local organizations - as outlined in the list below. (Please note that this post will be updated as additional organizations come on board, so check back to see if any additional locations have been added that are convenient to you!)

List of requested supplies:

(downloadable file available by clicking here)
2-pocket folders
Plastic-coated 2-pocket folders
Glue sticks
24 ct. box crayons
Plastic pencil boxes (smaller kids)
#2 pencils
Pencil pouches (older kids)
Pink erasers
Scissors (small kids blunt-pointed)
Scissors (big kids med/lg)
Ziplog bags (qt., gal., snack & sandwich)
7-pocket plastic accordion folders
1-subject (wide ruled) spiral notebook
Vinly resting mat (for Kindergarten)
Small activity books for indoor recess - 2nd grade
Washable markers (fine-point and large-point)
School planners (for high school kids)
Composition notebooks
Colored pencils
12” ruler
Basic calculator
Washable watercolor paints
Post-it notes - 3x3
8 oz. Elmer’s glue
Scotch tape
Pens (black, blue, & red)
USB flash drives
Pencil sharpener with cover
Wide-rule loose leaf paper
3 subject notebooks (wide-rule)
3-ring 1” binders
Expo dry erase markers (black, large point)
Expo dry erase markers (fine point)
4x6” ruled index cards
Hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes
Plastic sheet protector (for older kids)
Compass & protractor (for high school kids)

List of participating organizations:

St. Paul Lutheran Church - 730 County Trunk PPP, Sheboygan Falls
St. Luke Lutheran Church - N6193 Hwy. 32, Sheboygan Falls
Word of Grace Community Church - 837 Buffalo St., Sheboygan Falls
Saron United Church of Christ - W3830 Couonty Trunk J, Sheboygan Falls
The Salvation Army - 710 Pennsylvania Ave., Sheboygan
First Reformed Church - 527 Giddings Ave., Sheboygan Falls
Gibbsville Reformed Church - N3245 South 32, Sheboygan Falls