WORKSHOP: Financial Planning for Long-Term Care

On Wednesday, August 14th, Thrivant Financial’s Sherri Halverson will lead a workshop designed to help attendees understand what everyone needs to know about planning for long-term care needs. This event will take place from 5-6pm at Pine Haven Christian Communities’ Haven Drive campus in the Community Center.


At this event, attendees will learn how developing a long-term care strategy can help preserve their independence, protect their income and assets, and reassure their families about the future. This event is part of Pine Haven’s ongoing Public Happenings program. Refreshments will be served.

Pine Haven’s Public Happenings program provides events and/or educational sessions like this event once a month, which are designed to benefit our community. This event is listed under events on Pine Haven’s Facebook page at You can reach Karin Oliver-Kreft on the phone at 920-550-5227 or via email: with questions, to volunteer, or to suggest a topic for future events.