Savvy Senior Event - June 1, 2019


On Saturday, June 1, 2019, Pine Haven Christian Communities will host an educational event at their Giddings Avenue campus in Sheboygan Falls from 9am – noon. This free event is open to the public and is designed to provide educational, interactive experiences to help people feel secure and prepared as they age.

The open house event will start at 9am with an educational session regarding all aspects of senior care: what current senior care trends people should be aware of, all options for care as needed – whether in home or at various organizations, benefits of staying at home versus benefits of living in a senior care community, signs to watch for so that you can address potential issues early on, and more. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, and will receive a Senior Care Terms Reference Glossary to take home.

After the education session, attendees can enjoy a musical performance with residents and/or experience the Virtual Dementia Tour. “With all the changes in health care, almost everyone has questions,” said Pine Haven’s Community Outreach Director, Karin Oliver-Kreft. “Pine Haven has been a community resource for nearly 70 years. This event can help people feel better prepared. As part of this, we’re offering the Virtual Dementia Tour to anyone who attends. It’s eye-opening and really helps you feel more understanding regarding dementia.”

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is a scientifically proven method of building a greater understanding of dementia through the use of patented sensory tools and instruction, created by P.K. Beville, M.S, an award-winning geriatric specialist and founder of Second Wind Dreams®, Inc. During a Virtual Dementia Tour experience, participants meet with certified trainers who guide them through the tour and outfit them with patented components that alter their senses. Tasks and exercises that are part of the tour enable those taking the tour to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges facing those with dementia, helping to build empathy and understanding for more compassionate and beneficial interactions. “Those who have gone through the Virtual Dementia Tour® find themselves immediately identifying with their family members,” said Beville. More than two million people worldwide have experienced the Virtual Dementia Tour, and Pine Haven requires every staff member to experience the tour to build empathy for all residents.

The Savvy Senior event is free! Reservations are requested but NOT required, by contacting Karin Oliver-Kreft at 920-550-5227 or via email at Refreshments will be served.