FREE PUBLIC EVENT: Tabletop Games To Stimulate Your Brain

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Pine Haven Christian Communities will host a community event on Saturday, April 21st.  At this event, Lynn Potyen, owner of The GameBoard, will present on how playing board games can increase brain health and strengthen critical thinking.

This event will take place starting at 10:30 am in the Community Center at Pine Haven’s Haven Drive campus. Attendees will not only learn the theory of why games help strengthen the brain, they’ll also get the opportunity to learn and play several different games – to keep their brains strong! Refreshments will be provided, and this event will last as long as necessary for attendees to learn and enjoy the variety of games Lynn Potyen will be demonstrating.

“Games aren’t just for fun,” said Potyen, “they keep us active and engaged, and help us connect with each other. My goal is to help others to grow and keep their brains healthy. And have a lot of fun while doing it!”

This event is part of Pine Haven’s Public Happenings program that provides events and/or educational sessions once a month, designed to benefit our community. Future events include the National Day of Prayer in May, an adoption event with the Humane Society in June, and a blood drive in July.

For more information, this event is listed under events on Pine Haven’s Facebook page at You can reach Karin Oliver-Kreft on the phone at 920-550-5227 or via email: with questions, to volunteer, or to suggest a topic for future events.