Pine Haven Christian Communities takes great pride in the food we serve to our residents. 
Meals are served in our dining rooms which provide a restaurant-style setting. Meal times are flexible, allowing residents to come to the dining room when they choose, sit and order from the daily menu. Menus change daily, and every meal provides at least two main options, and lots of secondary selections from which to choose.

Menus for Sunday July 28, 2019 - Saturday October 5, 2019

In fact, we're so committed to providing a superior meal experience, that we upgraded our kitchen equipment in 2014 to include a blast-chiller/combi-oven, and created a brand new production kitchen on our Giddings Avenue campus in 2019 to prepare meals for all our campuses. 

With this new technology, Pine Haven can prepare additional menu items in advance, while maintaining freshness and flavor, so that residents can get the best quality meals and eat the items they prefer. It's technology that is becoming standard in high-end hospitality providers, and Pine Haven is the first senior care organization to employ this technology in our communities.