Pine Haven Christian Communities provides a variety of benefits to eligible staff to enhance the employment relationship and strengthen recruitment efforts. Available benefits are listed below based on employment classification and eligibility.

Benefits for Full-time Staff (Individuals assigned to work a minimum of 60 hours per two-week pay period)

Health Insurance: A group health insurance plan is offered to full-time employees to encourage staff to proactively focus on health and wellness while providing coverage for medical needs. For those who enroll, coverage begins after 30 days of employment.

Health Savings Account Contribution: Pine Haven will make a contribution annually to a health savings account on behalf of employees participating in Pine Haven's health insurance plan. This is done to assist employees in funding the deductible associated with the insurance plan and increase awareness regarding wellness and healthy lifestyles.

Dental Insurance: Dental insurance is offered to full-time employees to encourage individuals to care for their dental health as part of overall wellness. For those who enroll, coverage begins after 30 days of employment.

Benefits for Full-time Staff and Benefit-Eligible, Part-time Staff (Individuals assigned to regularly work 32 or more hours per two-week pay period)

Paid Time Off (PTO): PTO encourages employees to enjoy time away from work and recognizes the diversity of reasons they may need that time. PTO is used for vacation, appointments, holidays, short-term illnesses, emergencies or other needs that require time off from work. PTO begins to accrue on the first day of employment and accrues based upon hours worked and longevity with Pine Haven.

PTO Donation: Pine Haven's PTO donation program encourages a sense of community among employees and support individuals who have a special need for time off, but have exhausted their own paid time benefits.

Tax Deferred Annuity – 403(b): Pine Haven offers a 403(b) plan to encourage staff and assist them in saving for retirement. Eligible individuals may enroll in the plan with voluntary contributions from the date of hire. After six months of employment, Pine Haven will match 100% of funds up to a contribution of 3% of the employee's pay.

Education Assistance: Pine Haven provides tuition assistance to encourage employees to maintain and improve job-related skills through formal education. Tuition reimbursement is provided up to $250 per class with a maximum lifetime reimbursement of $4,000.00.

CNA Education and Certification Reimbursement: Pine Haven Christian Communities will provide assistance, based on federal guidelines, for those employees who have received their certification as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) within 12 months of their date of hire and have not been reimbursed for these expenses by another employer or entity. Pine Haven will also provide this reimbursement to current employees who choose to earn their certification while employed with Pine Haven and accept a CNA position upon earning their certification.

Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts: Pine Haven provides a flexible spending account (FSA) for employees who choose to enroll in the program. This allows employees to contribute pretax dollars for health care or dependent care expenses. Eligible employees may begin participating upon hire.

Sick Leave: Pine Haven provides a self-funded plan to provide income replacement for employees unable to work for an extended period of time due to their own illness, pregnancy, or injury. Sick leave benefits will accumulate up to a maximum of six weeks.

AFLAC: Pine Haven makes AFLAC programs available to eligible employees on a voluntary basis. A variety of plans, including disability and life insurance are available, with the full cost paid by the employee.

Bereavement Leave: Pine Haven Christian Communities provides paid time off to an employee wishing to take time away from work due to the death of a family member.

Jury Duty Leave: Pine Haven encourages employees to fulfill their civic responsibility of serving jury duty by providing the difference between jury duty pay and an employee’s regular day’s pay for time spent serving on jury duty on a scheduled work day.

Benefits for All Pine Haven Christian Communities Staff with Regularly Assigned Hours (Non-exempt staff who are not casual or flex-casual status)

Call-In Premium: Pine Haven provides a $4.00 per hour premium in situations where employees pick up extra shifts beyond their assigned hours. This is done to encourage Pine Haven Staff to pick up additional shifts; to encourage good attendance and teamwork; to show appreciation for those who work additional shifts.

Benefits for All Pine Haven Christian Communities Staff

Employee Assistance Program: Pine Haven provides confidential access to professional counseling services for help with a wide variety of personal or family concerns. Assistance is also available regarding childcare, education, adoption, financial and legal services.

Paid Lunch Break: To encourage employees to take a break from their work and rest during the workday, Pine Haven provides a 30-minute paid meal break to those employees working a 6-hour shift.

Fitness Center:  Employees are able to use the fitness center/therapy gym at our Haven Drive campus at no charge. Prior to use, employees need to contact the Life Enrichment manager to sign a waiver form and complete an orientation on proper use of the equipment. 

Influenza Vaccination: Pine Haven provides flu vaccines at no cost for all of our staff. This vaccination protects against the respiratory influenza which helps to keep our staff and residents healthy. Pine Haven requires staff to receive this vaccine annually for the safety of our residents due to their compromised immune systems.

Smoke Free Campus: Pine Haven provides a tobacco free campus as a way of promoting health and well-being of staff and providing a safe and healthy environment for residents, visitors and staff.

Notary Public Services: A notary public is on staff and services are available to employees at no cost.

Corner Store: A gift shop is available for residents, visitors and staff. Employees are able to purchase cards, candy, snacks and gifts at reasonable prices. Proceeds benefit the Pine Haven Women’s Auxiliary.

Cafe and Vending Services: A cafe is available at our Haven Drive campus for residents, visitors and staff. Both campuses in Sheboygan Falls have vending machines available for employee use. The cafe and vending machines allow employees to purchase food and beverages at reasonable prices.
Employees at our Pine Drive campus in Oostburg are able to purchase food from the kitchen after residents have been served at meal times.